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Our Firm was formed in 2010 out of a desire to service the widest range of clients in the financial employment marketplace. Corporate America seems to have adopted a mantra of managing expectations, however, we believe delivering results is much more important.

We are commited to providing you with the most professional recruitment experience in the business today. Rather than provide limited options, we listen and then find the best possible fit for your financial services practice or managerial skills. Our skills go beyond the wealth management field as we also have the ability to place bankers, insurance personnel, back office operations positions, and financial professionals in a range of other industries.


Eric C. Edson, CPC


Eric Edson is the Principal and CEO of Practice Solutions, Inc.

Eric began his work life as a member of the US Army. He graduated from Ranger School and received The Bronze Star for Meritorious Service during combat operations with the 101st Airborne Division during Desert Storm. In 1992 he left the military to start a Financial Services retail practice. He had the pleasure of working with individual clients and growing market territories over a 16 year timeframe for several of the nation's leading wealth management firms. In 2008 he was selected to lead the recruiting efforts for Wells Fargo Advisors covering a large portion of the Western US. After several successful years, and being involved in the transition of over $150 million dollars of recruited revenue, he decided to establish Practice Solutions, Inc. as a way to bring an open architecture approach to his recruiting activities. The Firm has grown to include a network of recruiters with a national footprint and has expanded into areas of recruiting and search that has taken them outside of the traditional Financial Services arena to include CFO's, Analysts, Accountants, and other financial positions within all industries. Above all, the Firm remains committed to assisting the Financial Advisor and their team during their quest to find the right environment from which to run their Practice.


Roger Ford

Senior Vice President

Roger Ford

Roger Ford has been in the Financial Services Industry since 1992. Roger started at a wirehouse, where he served as an award winning Financial Advisor with a retail wealth management practice. He quickly moved into management at both the Branch and Complex Levels. In 2010 he was honored to be named by On Wall Street Magazine as one of the Top 100 Branch Managers in the country.

Ultimately, he decided that Business Development was his calling and he has been serving in that capacity for the past few years. He is able to utilize the skills he learned in these different roles as a means to a better understanding of Financial Advisors and the different platforms their practice can operate on - this allows him to better facilitate finding the correct home for their business.


Rebecca Wolf

Vice President

Rebecca Wolf

Rebecca has over 15 years in the Financial Services Industry, serving the first 3 years as a top performing Banker/Licensed Banker for Bank of America and Wachovia Bank.

Her passion for relationship building, partnerships, and client advocacy led her to recruiting and business development for Wachovia Securities in 2006. She was tapped in 2007 to lead a pilot program for the banking arm of the firm, and its success resulted in the program’s adoption firm wide. During her tenure she led the recruiting efforts for several regions and was responsible for the transition of close to 90 million in recruited revenue for the firm cross channel. Through it all, she learned the due diligence, transition, and integration process from start to finish - always focusing on providing the best possible experience for the firm and for the client.

After taking a year off to devote to her family, she joined PNC Bank in 2012 and was an integral part of their recruiting success in the Southeast for the Private Client Group.

Her devotion to client advocacy and the prospect of being able to offer choices to her clients as well as her admiration and respect for what Practice Solutions stands for, has led her here as part of the team.

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